February 6, 2017 Norðurflug

Iceland, a safe destinations to travel too

The world today is not necessarily more dangerous than before, but we certainly have more information on any unrest! News travel fast and within minutes we can learn of any developments from across the world via social media.

Tourism is an industry heavily dependent on political stability. This has been the unfortunate truth for FranceEgypt, Tunis and many more countries that suffered a decline in tourism after terrorist attacks or threats.

With Iceland being repeatedly on top of any Safe-to-travel-to lists this has thankfully not been an issue for people visiting Iceland.

Apart from being easy to reach from both Europe and North America, Iceland had topped Vision of Humanity’s list of the world safest countries 6 years in a row!

Check out the Global Peace Index for 2016.

The main reasons for Iceland’s high score:

  • There is no army in Iceland
  • Low homicide rate
  • Police officers do not carry guns, therefore criminals do not carry guns
  • Since Iceland is an island there is no boarder dispute
  • High level of social equality



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