January 9, 2017 Norðurflug

Daylight in Iceland in January

Iceland in January


Picture by Eva. Sunrise today at 10:46. The Reykjavík University’s dome can be spotted on the left.

In January it feels like Iceland is slowly waking up from hibernation; the days are getting longer again and everyone is feeling a sort of awakening. During this month the daylight hours stretch from a mere 4 hours and 28 minutes on January 1 to 7 hours and 2 minutes on January 31.

During  January the daylight extends for about 3 to 5 minutes on an average day, so you are actually able to witness the daylight being longer every day!
Even though winter in Iceland can be rough, and a lot of travelers would rather come during the summer where the days are long and bright, winter in Iceland has its perks. Seeing the island cover in soft white snow in a beautiful low light makes me really understand the beauty of the country and why it‘s is so appealing.

Once you get out of the city the only thing you see are the snow covered road, meadows as far as you can see with Icelandic horses standing in the snow. In the distance you see snow covered mountains in the most gorgeous soft light and you will start dreaming…

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